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Legion athletics was created to provide supplements that contain ingredients that dosed based off of research and are clinically proven to be effective.  All of the ingredients are clinically proven to work and are dosed appropriately.   Check them out at

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The meat you buy in a store comes from animals that are confined to very small living quarters.  This increases their risk of disease and illness.  To prevent this, they are fed antibiotics and medications to prevent them from getting sick.  They are also fed hormones to speed up their growth and get them to their slaughter weight quicker.  This is what you are paying for in a store.

Crowd Cow is different. They have created a system that allows you to buy meat directly from farms around the country.  You can read about the farm, how the animals were raised and what they were fed which provides transparency about your food as a consumer.

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I have also joined with Freshly meal delivery.  They have given me my time back by eliminating the need for meal prep.  You get to pick the meals you want, their chefs prepare the meals, and deliver them directly to your door.  You have healthy, extremely flavorful and delicious meals at your fingertips and ready to eat in less than 3 minutes.  Click the link below to get 20 dollars off.  You won’t regret it, I promise. 

Freshly Meal Delivery